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Kosher Om is a service which offers yoga for men in the Orthodox Jewish community, as well as women who wish to practice alongside their husbands. Levels of yoga taught range from light movement with a meditative focus to more intensive vigorous vinyasa classes which will give you a full workout resulting in a feeling of an overall sense accomplishment. Due to corornavirus, all yoga lessons are being offered virtually. Prior to your practice, I will offer you a full assessment to address any of your physical and health concerns. Book your first lesson or  contact us to learn more about us and how yoga can benefit your overall lifestyle. 

Yoga Jewish Men


Kosher Om Yoga is designed for religiously committed Jewish men who wish to practice yoga within the framework of Torah observance.  While Kosher Om Yoga does not teach Torah or religion in itself, Kosher Om places its primary focus on teaching yoga with the high purpose of achieving alignment through the practice of breathing, movement and relaxation with the goal of creating an overall sense of union of your body, mind and soul. You can learn more by visiting our FAQ or book your lesson today. Alternatively, you can contact us for a free phone consultation. 


Yoga On Demand

Practice yoga anytime from your home for just $22 per month and cancel at anytime at no cost!

Videos range from 20 minute yoga sequences and meditations to a one hour vinyasa or restorative practice. To get access this library, sign up for your monthly subscription. 

See a sample clip of a video below

Yoga on Demand

Bill Ades is a certified yoga teacher who is registered with the Yoga Alliance RYT 500. He is also a health and wellness educator, specializing in mindful  meditation, consultations in health, nutrition, lifestyle and business. He practices in New York and loves helping people obtain their life goals. His integrative approach takes into account all of his clients' needs, and through yoga practice and healthy food choices, helps them to reach their optimum mental, physical, and spiritual state.  

His journey as a yoga teacher began when, after practicing yoga for a number of years, he decided to take his passion to the next level. The search for a course  in order to help him realize his dream of becoming a teacher, included one whose schedule did not interfere with his observance of Shabbat and the Jewish holidays.


He eventually came across The Kaivalya Yoga Method Teachers Training Program - the first ever yoga teacher certification course to be offered online, which included everything taught in an in-person course and so much more. Over the course of a year he worked diligently, submitting video assignments, and learning all about the yoga practice and applying it to his observance in Torah.


He immediately found a niche in the Orthodox Jewish community as there were a number of men who wished to practice but required a teacher who was both male and was able to teach them in a manner, which did not conflict with their Torah beliefs and observance. Soon after, Ades began to further his studies in deeper into the practice at the American Yoga Academy, finding that the school offered weekday training, accommodating him on days in which he could not be attend, such as Yom Tob.


Bill Ades currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife and family where he practices out of his studio located right off the BQE as well as virtually from his home studio.


We are located in Brooklyn, NY and travel 

throughout the metro-region

Tel: 646-820-7388


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